About Us

Withrows Place began as a way of sharing our unique crafting skills with the world. Thomas “Nick” worked as a fabricator creating “something from nothing” for a living while Gloria enjoyed making items for family and friends. Together they could make about anything people around them asked for and at reasonable costs.

In 2015, Gloria and Nick made the decision to spread their skills to more people. They would reuse everything possible rather than consume more energy and resources to recycle. They did not want to stick with just one item or follow the crowd and do whatever the trends were – they wanted to set the trends. Liking historical objects, their idea was to recreate treasures from the past that had purpose and flair, but in new ways. They also explored the idea of making new things better by applying a touch of what made old things great.

After creating and stocking a couple hundred items, Withrows Place was born. Their inventory included everything from modernized antiques, to improved newer concepts, to outright unseen prototypes. Nearly every item was unique and only one was produced. This way the owner could claim “There is only one in the world and I have it”. In this way, our products could not easily be replicated by production companies or found in conglomerate department stores.

Although this niche is successful, many items have drawn demand from the world stage. In 2019, Withrows Place made the decision to set aside a few of these items as “make to order” with some variations, however, with each piece still getting a unique quality of its own. Other additions are coming soon that enable better living, but not necessarily crafted by us.